Frullà Drink Orange Juice 3X200 ml

Succo di Arancia 3X200 ml

From organic italian oranges

Frullà Drink is the first line of organic juices and nectars with 100% italian fruit.

New eco-friendly packaging made with 86% vegetable materials
The eco-sustainable Tetra Crystal® brick meets the needs of our environmentally conscious consumers: 86% of the materials used in the Tetra Crystal® brick come from vegetable sources, with a higher content of FSC paper (+8%) and less plastic (-12%) and aluminum (-7%). The Tetra Crystal® brick is completely recyclable and guarantees a 14% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the previous packaging. The plastic from renewable sources comes from sugar cane.

Availbable pack: 
3X200 ml

Succo di arancia* da concentrato. *Biologico