A commitment, a promise.

13 commitments for the present and the future.

Our “Sustainability Manifesto” goes way back. We were born with a calling for this job and a bond with our people and land. The values that have inspired us are now growing with us to face the new challenges of sustainability.
Our sustainable agricultural practices and efficient, virtuous production processes, Our recyclable packagings, and alternative Energy sources are just some of the concrete choices we made to defend the environment.


We acknowledge the precious work of farmers with fair and respectful wage policies.


Good practices and low impact techniques: a new approach for a virtuous ecosystem, respectful and non-invasive, in synergy with our territory and people.


We promote a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable diet. Frullà helps you intake one of the 5 daily portions of fruit and vegetables recommended by nutritionists.


We commit to developing more and more recyclable packaging made with Italian raw materials.


We have always supported the choice of a plant-based diet as it is the healthiest and most sustainable. Less environmental impact, more well-being.


From the selection of our raw ingredients to the final packaging, we perform thorough checks at every stage for the highest quality and safety standards.

Waste reduction & Recycling

From apple peels to tofu, all of our production waste are reused in the name of circular economy.

Renewable Energy

We support a renewable future with the installation of advanced systems for the production of clean energy.


We join the 17 FAO Sustainable development Goals (no hunger, no poverty, food accessible to all).


State-of-the-art technologies, such as our cold extraction process,to respect and preserve the properties of our raw ingredients.


No to GMOs, yes to organic farming, and to the selection of suitable territories and agricultural models that protect soil fertility.


We choose to process every product with care and artisanal dedication to enhance its taste and properties.


We defend the safety, health, and working conditions of our employees in ordinary and extraordinary conditions.