frullato di mango in sacchetto

No preservatives or added sugar, just mango

In the heart of India, a sacred, precious, and ancient fruit has been growing for over 4000 years: the mango.
For thousands of years, this sweet, exotic pearl has been a staple in the local diet thanks to its unmistakable peachy flavor, its many nutritional properties, and its versatility as an ingredient in many different dishes. However, this noble, sweet, and healthy fruit is not easy to consume.
Mangoes are not available all year round and it is difficult to check how ripe they are. Mangoes are not easy to clean without wasting some of the precious pulp. It is a skill that takes time, patience, and experience.
For this reason Frullà puro 100% mango was born: nothing but hand-picked, carefully selected mangoes pureed at the peak of their ripeness and sealed in our practical doypacks for an easier consumption.


Mango 100%