Organic APPLE-PLUM BabyFruit

100% fresh, organic fruit. Gluten-Free.  Without any added sugars, preservatives or flavoring agents

A sweet, natural and practical solution to include fruit in the weaning of your baby: Our line of organic baby food products is prepared using only selected, organic fresh fruit that is washed, cored and peeled. The fruit pulp is extracted using our unique cold extraction process, which preserves all of its nutritional properties.

Gluten-Free. Without any added sugars, preservatives or flavoring agents. This makes every product of our BabyFruit line easily digestible and bioavailable, which helps the hydration and the development of the baby. We recommend including our BabyFruit products in the diet of the baby from the 6th month.

All our baby food items are prepared with non-GMO, organic fruit, grown without using any pesticides or herbicides. This is how we guarantee that our products meet the highest quality, health and safety standard and that its production was sustainable.

Thanks to our practical, completely recyclable plastic trays this product has a shelf life of up to 12 months at room temperature.


Available packs:
4x100g plastic trays

Apple* 90%, Plum* 10%

* Organic Agriculture *